side|line1 [ˈsaıdlaın] n
an activity that you do as well as your main job or business, in order to earn more money
as a sideline
Zoe does a bit of freelance photography as a sideline.
2.) on the sidelines
not taking part in an activity even though you want to or should do
stand/stay/remain etc on the sidelines
You can't stay on the sidelines for ever; it's time you got involved.
3.) sidelines [plural]
the area just outside the lines that form the edge of a sports field
on the sidelines
Wenger stood on the sidelines shouting instructions to his team.
a line at the side of a sports field, which shows where the players are allowed to play
sideline 2
sideline2 v [usually passive]
if you are sidelined, you are unable to play in a sports game because you are injured, or unable to take part in an activity because you are not as good as someone else
Baggio was once again sidelined through injury.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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